Fantic CABALLERO Deluxe 500

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Caballero Deluxe on täydellinen sekoitus kaupunki- ja maastopyörää!

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Tekniset tiedot:

Homologation: Euro5
Engine: Single cylinder 4 stroke, liquid cooled
Displacement: 449 cc
Max Power detected*: 40 Hp @ 7500 rpm
Max Torque detected*: 43 Nm @ 6000 rpm
Bore: 94.5 mm
Stroke: 64 mm
Distribution: Single camshaft – 4 valve
Fuel system: Electronic Fuel injection by ATHENA GET – throttle body ø 40mm Starter: Electric
Gears: 6
Clutch: Multi plate wet clutch
Exhaust system: Dual exhaust by ARROW
Frame: CrMo steel central-tube frame
Swingarm: In steel with variable section and progressive link
Tires: 110/80 R19, 140/80 R17
Wheels: Spoked with aluminum rims
Brakes: Front floating brake disc ø320mm – Rear brake disc ø230mm
ABS: Continental two-channel ABS (disengageable)
Front suspension: FANTIC FRS ø41mm upside down
Front suspension travel: 150mm
Rear suspension: FANTIC FRS, rebound damping regulation
Rear suspension travel: 150mm
Seat height: 820 mm – optional seat 840mm
Wheelbase: 1425 mm
Length: 2080 mm
Dry weight: 150 kg
Fuel Tank: 12 l
Fuel consumption: 4,2 l/100 km
CO2 emission: 97 g/km
* Data from the manufacturer. The measured values may differ slightly depending on the type of instrumentation used and environmental condi’tions present at the time of measurement.

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